Trainor Parker

Adelaide MC, writer, teacher and speaker

With a background in performance and teaching, Libby brings an air of education and professionalism, in addition to a very healthy dose of fun to every project. A popular MC and speaker, Libby has hosted charity fundraisers, conferences and gala events, and has spoken at health conferences, universities, special events and occasions. 

Funny, warm and engaging

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Libby is a speaker who delivers her presentations warmly and with passion. As a stand up comedian, she is adept in finding the funny bone in all kinds of content, while connecting with her audience. As a writer, Libby produces work that is honest, raw and engaging, with a view to making her reader feel less alone in their struggles.

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Libby Trainor Parker

Dedicated to advocating for health and wellbeing

Diagnosed with endometriosis at 36 years of age after decades of pain, Libby has dedicated her life to advocating for people with chronic illness. Having suffered eleven pregnancy losses, Libby is vocal about supporting people who are going through grief and loss, be it pregnancy or loss of ability through chronic illness, and she has channelled her energies into entertaining, educating and empowering people with illness.