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Are you looking for a speechwriter in Adelaide?

I know a lot of my posts are about comedy shows I'm performing in and the health advocacy I do, but there is a serious side to me, and one of the things I am really proud of is being one of the go-to speechwriters in Adelaide. I am passionate about writing speeches for all occasions that are true to the speaker's voice and intent, making sure they say everything they wanted to say. Eulogy Writer Adelaide I was quite surprised when I realised there was a pretty big need for eulogy writers, and when I was initially asked to write a eulogy for a client, I wasn't sure if I could do it justice. But after sitting with him for an hour, learning all about his beloved wife and all the beautiful memories they made together, I felt confident I could help him. When you lose a loved one it can be the most difficult time in your life and sometimes words don't come easily when it comes to sitting down and writing about it. You can come to me at my office at Prompt Creative Centre at 8/205 Pirie Street or we can meet somewhere close to you in Adelaide to discuss your speech needs. I will provide sensitivity and professionalism you deserve I understand the physical and mental toll a funeral can put on family members, so let me take a bit of stress off your shoulders. Whether you want to work together on the eulogy or just give me a stack of information and let me wield some words, I will consult you through every step and work with you the way you want to work. As a professional writer and someone who has lived experience of loss, I am confident I can write a beautiful, engaging and personalised eulogy for your loved one. Contact me to chat about it. Short of time? Let me help you Time is limited when it comes to organising a funeral, and sometimes, sitting down and writing a speech can seem overwhelming. I understand the burden of time and specialise in writing high-quality speeches with a quick turnaround, as I have written speeches for funerals, special events and even politicians in Question Time. Let's talk about what you need and how I can write for you.

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