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Endo Days: Life, Love and Laughter with Endometriosis - Wakefield Press

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Endo Days - Book

Endo Days book reviews

Books + Publishing - Rebecca Whitehead

"Libby Trainor Parker has written the perfect book adaptation of the cabaret show she performed in her PJs about endometriosis... This is the right book at the right time."

InReview - Heather Taylor Johnson

"If you’re living with endometriosis or someone you love is, I eagerly recommend this book. It should be bought, read, dog-eared and post-it noted, recommended and passed around."

"Absolutely obsessed with this book. Libby Trainor Parker writes so warmly and gently that is feels like a long need hug and validation people with Endometriosis need. An excellent read with many experiences and so much more to learn about Endo than I imagined. Such an important book for everyone to read to make sure that people don’t go undiagnosed and can get the help and support they need. Such a fun read." - Amy

"Who knew a book about chronic illness could be so informative, yet so warm, hilarious and engaging at the same time? This is for everyone living with endo, and all the people that love and support them. You will laugh, you will cry, you will laugh some more. It's worth noting that this book is super inclusive, so this is a valuable resource for anyone who menstruates." - Louise

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