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Endo Days receives 5 stars from Kids in Adelaide!

Thank you Kids in Adelaide for this fabulous review of Endo Days!

Note to parents: Please don't bring your kids to Endo Days unless they are 15+

This a cabaret show full of warmth, emotion, great tunes, humour and most importantly EDUCATION!

I went into the show, not knowing much about Endometriosis and by the time I emerged, wow had I learnt A LOT!

Libby shares her heart-breaking journey of endo, chronic illness, pregnancy loss and mental health with some rocking songs, perfectly timed humour and a whole lot of emotion and compassion.

She frequently refers to the “Endo Friendos” in the audience and connects with those who have suffered from the same illness as herself to provide support, words of comfort and a big ‘GET F$&KED’ to all of the medical professionals and well meaning friends who have dismissed their pain, given unsolicited advice and outright nasty comments.

Libby is backed up by ‘the jarmy army’ – her pyjama-clad band who provide the fabulous music plus plenty of on-stage support as Libby tells her stories through comedy, song and some outrageous dance moves.

Audience participation is encouraged, but not forced (after all, as Libby says ‘consent is everything!’) and audience members wanting to get involved with the show can even remain anonymous by texting their own Endo and PMS experiences to Libby’s burner phone – how fun!

I laughed, I cried, I cried with laughter and most of all I learnt how to be a better supporter to my own Endo Friendos. A must see for anyone with a uterus or knows someone with a uterus.

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