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Endo Days Tech Specs

Updated: May 18, 2023

Media releases, promo photos and video HERE

Endo Days is a one-hour comedy cabaret with a five-piece band. The show features comedian Libby Trainor Parker singing and telling stories about life with endometriosis, and involves some audience participation, a dance number on stage and requires facilities for a small merch table to sell and sign books and nighties after the show.

The show has sold out 4 consecutive years of 10-show Fringe seasons in 100 seat venues in Adelaide.


Libby Trainor Parker (vocals, storytelling)

Matthew Trainor (guitar, vocals)

Sam Jozeps (keyboard, vocals)

Dylby McCullough (bass)

Tina Donaldson (drums)

We are seeking a venue with a PA suitable for a band with the following tech spec requirements if available.

  • 1 x wireless mic (but we can bring our own - depending on what is easier)

  • 3 x vocal mics

  • 4 x mic stands

  • 4 x foldback speakers

  • DI for keyboard

  • 2 x XRL outputs from digital guitar interface

  • Drums mics as required for performance space

  • XLR input or DI into bass head

Other backline (to be sourced by us if not in-house):

  • 4-piece drum kit (will bring own snare and cymbals)

  • Electric piano / keyboard

  • 2x10 bass cabinet

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