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Here's some of the things I talked about in Endo Days

A few people have been in touch to ask about some of the things I talked about and recommended in Endo Days, so here's a list of a few of my favourite things!

OhNuts: These little donut shaped things stop the depth of penetration during intercourse to assist with pelvic pain. Put in the code ENDODAYS for a discount on the website or pick some up from your pelvic physio. Pelvic Physio: There are some amazing physiotherapists in Adelaide who can help you with your chronic pain. Pelvic physio should be used as part of your overall pain management plan. It's a game changer! Smacs Packs: The heat bag I wear strapped to me is made by local business owner and endo friendo, Sarah Barrett. Taboo Period Products: The pads and tampons (nipple tassels) I used in Endo Days were supplied by Taboo, another locally owned business that is working to eradicate period poverty. Good people! Pelvic Stretches: Here are the pelvic stretches I mentioned in the show that help with muscle spasms and stabbing pain. Please disregard the gendered language on the page; these are for all pelvises with pain: CLICK HERE Voltaren Suppositories: Butt drugs! I use Voltaren suppositories for high pain days. Chat with your doctor about whether these are right for you. You'll need a prescription. You can read about pelvic pain effects and solutions HERE. Find info on Diazepam suppositories HERE but make sure you seek medical advice. Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain info: For some of the best info on endo, pain and how to manage it, consult the bible of info in Associate Professor Susan Evans' book 'Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain'. It's packed with medically informed info that is easy to digest and good for patients and supporters. Buy your copy or grab an e-book HERE. PPEP Talk: The State and Federal Government schools program PPEP Talk (Periods, Pain and Endometriosis Program) I co-wrote with Pelvic Pain Foundation Australia is now nationwide and you can read about it and book a talk for your school HERE. Imagendo: This is exciting! A team of researchers and experts have come together to develop technology to diagnose endometriosis with imaging and artificial intelligence. They are looking for participants so if you want to be part of this fabulous innovation, check it out HERE. QENDO: A nationwide support organisation for endometriosis founded in Queensland with an online shop offering a discount to people who have seen Endo Days. Pop online and check out their range. Put in the code ENDODAYS for a discount. CLICK HERE. Endo Zone: This is new! EndoZone is an evidence-based website co-created with people affected by endo. I was part of the initial consultation process where they asked anyone with endo across all age groups and genders to contribute to focus groups and online surveys.

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