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Libby Trainor Parker is doing a show about being a crap teacher

Adelaide cabaret couple deliver a lesson in hilarity at Adelaide Fringe

Adelaide Fringe stalwarts Libby Trainor Parker and Matthew Trainor used to be very sensible high school teachers before they started writing funny songs to sing in hot tents.

Following the success of their award-winning, sold-out show Endo Days about the couple’s experience with Libby’s endometriosis, the pair have decided to make fun of a new topic: their illustrious careers in education.

Matt is a Legal Studies and English teacher, and Libby is a Drama and English teacher and between them, they have four decades of experience with marking, planning, yard duties, sports days and staff meetings.

“Libby and I have been doing cabaret together for years, but we have never done a show about our former day jobs as teachers – so here goes!” Matt says. “With our combined years of experience, there is just so much inspiration to draw from and we’ve had great fun putting this show together.”

Covering everything from parent teacher interviews to the embarrassing things we’ve all said in front of students (mispronounce ‘organism’ anyone?), nothing is off limits and everything is delivered with a healthy dose of humour and appreciation for our unsung heroes – except we’re actually going to be singing to them.

Libby says: “Look, to be perfectly honest, Matt is a far better teacher than me. I just enjoyed having a captive audience to practice my stand-up comedy in front of. He used to be my boss and even he agrees that I was the class clown when I was meant to be the facilitator of learning. So, really, this show is my dream come true. I get to make jokes about my teaching career in front of an audience and not have to do any marking. What a hoot!”

As well as performing in Extra Curricular and Endo Days, Libby and Matt have a brand new venue on Pirie Street called Prompt Creative Centre that will be offering a mammoth line up of excellent shows, so they’re busy, but still not as busy as when they were teachers!

Tickets are selling fast to this hilarious cabaret that celebrates the people who shape the minds of the future. Enrol now!

Extra Curricular at The Lark, Gluttony

Fri 17 Feb - Sun 19 Feb: 6pm

Tue 21 Feb - Sun 26 Feb: 6pm

Tue 28 Feb - Sun 5 Mar: 6pm

Get your tickets HERE

Use the codeword SCHOOLNIGHT for cheaper week night tickets

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