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Libby Trainor Parker's happiness cult awaits! Grab your tickets now

Libby & Matt want you to join their happiness cult at CabFringe

Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed? Or are you waiting for the right moment to start? Libby & Matt want you to know it’s never too late to change your life and be who you’ve always wanted to be. (Unless you want to be a jerk).


Late to your ideal career? No problem. Late to love? That's okay! Late to work? They can wait!


Cabaret couple Libby & Matt have always been fashionably late to everything from parties, their jobs, a cabaret career and even to love, so they have created yet another funny, raucous, musical romp about their experiences and it’s playing one show only on June 1 at Prompt Creative Centre.


“We’ve rocked up way later than everyone else to all the important things in life, but we’ve never been late to happiness,” Libby says. “This show is a party celebrating the people who have gone against the status quo, taken the path least travelled and really annoyed a lot of people by doing the unexpected. It’s a how-to guide for finding your voice, living your ideal existence (unless you’re a jerk), no matter how long it takes.”


The musical married couple want you to join their cult (it’s not a cult, it’s a movement) and be part of their happiness journey. They want you to get on the bandwagon, climb to the heights of silliness and success, find love, pleasure, confidence, serenity and community (unless they’re jerks).

“Once again we have written a show we thought might be inspirational and wholesome but has resulted in a lot of bawdy, original songs with rude words and butt jokes. But if you liked our shows Endo Days and Extra Curricular, then there is no guarantee you will love Fashionably Late but you should come anyway,” Libby says.


Written in the same vein as their usual chaotic comedy cabaret stylings, Fashionably Late aims to make you feel better for being late in life, because you’re never too late to your own journey.


After a ripper of a debut season at Adelaide Fringe, Libby & Matt bring their new show Fashionably Late to Prompt Creative Centre for Cabaret Fringe to offer a hilarious how-to guide to living your dreams… eventually.


This show is absolutely NOT suitable for children or people who are upset by swearing and rude jokes


From the award-winning creators of Endo Days and Extra Curricular, comes Fashionably Late. Join the happiness cult!


Fashionably Late at Prompt Creative Centre

Saturday 1 June


Prompt Creative Centre 8/205 Pirie Street Kaurna Land


Grab your tickets HERE

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