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Health advocate, MC, speaker and teacher Libby Trainor Parker has more than three decades of public speaking and presenting experience. 

From presenting at conferences about her journey with endometriosis, adenomyosis and pregnancy loss, briefing parliamentarians as a health advocate, to her motivational speaking dates to university students about imposter syndrome, career advice, and achieving goals, Libby is an educated speaker who presents with honesty, warmth, knowledge, lived experience and a good dose of humour.

With a goal to entertain, inform and educate. Libby Trainor Parker is a speaker who will bring value to your event or occasion through her natural ability to connect with an audience and tell a great story.

Honest, informed and genuine, Libby is a stand up comedian, teacher and popular MC who can deliver a presentation on topics such as endometriosis, pregnancy loss, women's health, imposter syndrome, mental health, wellbeing and working with youth. 


Libby is a stand up comedian and award winning comedy cabaret performer who is an expert in finding the funny side of life. 


Dedicated to health and wellbeing, Libby's audiences feel safe to share, laugh and cry with her about their life's challenges. 


Raw, honest, funny and warm, Libby leaves no stone unturned in her forthcoming book, 'Endo Days'.

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Endo Days

"Endo Days is a frank, often funny and honest memoir told in a narrative journalism style, with Libby’s own story as the central narrative, drawing on interviews with others with endometriosis (both women, men and non-binary), their partners – male and female, doctors and specialists, researchers and the wider endo community."

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