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Libby has a brand new show at Adelaide Fringe!

So, Matt and I have written a new show and we thought, what better way to road-test it than to do 15 shows in a row at Gluttony during Adelaide Fringe 2023!

It's about teaching, because I used to be a teacher. Well, I'm still technically a teacher, but my content is not suitable for the classroom these days!

Here's what to expect:

Teachers are overworked and underpaid, with a high burnout rate and a mandatory caffeine addiction. Marking, reports, parent-teacher interviews, Professional Development hours, performance standards and relief lessons in Year 9 PE... Why would anybody do it? For the love of learning? For the holidays? Or perhaps just for the comedy-cabaret fodder.

From the award-winning creative team behind 'Endo Days' (★★★★★ Glam Adelaide, ★★★★1/2 The Advertiser, Fringe Weekly Award: Best Cabaret), 'Extra Curricular' pops the cork on the teaching profession. A show by teachers, for teachers, or anyone who has ever sat in a classroom. Attendance will count towards compulsory PD hours*.

*may not actually count towards PD hours

Tickets are selling FAST so book now or you'll get detention (duty)

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